Romney vs. Reality

From the Obama Truth Squad:

In today’s tipsheet, we look at just how unsuited Romney is to handle the role of commander-in-chief and debunk the distortions he’s spreading about President Obama’s foreign policy record to cover up his own shortcomings. And if you haven’t heard what Mitt Romney said about Osama bin Laden a few years ago … well, you’re not going to believe it. Take a look, then pass these along:

#1 Video: One chance
The President of the United States has to make some incredibly tough decisions as commander-in-chief. President Obama has shown he can make those types of hard decisions — never more so than when he ordered the operation against Osama bin Laden almost exactly a year ago. Would Romney have made that same call? Watch our new video of President Bill Clinton talking about the responsibilities of a commander-in-chief and share it with others:

#2 President Obama vs. Romney on foreign policy
Romney and his foreign policy advisors — who think that “Czechoslovakia” and “the Soviets” are still threats — have disagreed with the President on several key foreign policy decisions. Time and again, Romney has shown himself to be on the wrong side of many of these issues. Check out this post that details five of these occasions, and share it with others:

We also released our latest installment in a series of videos that compare Romney’s statements to reality, this time on foreign policy. Make sure people see this video:

#3 Romney vs. reality: Student loans edition
In the surest sign yet that the GOP primary is really over, we saw Mitt Romney try to appear reasonable on something this week. He said he agreed with the President that we shouldn’t allow the interest rate for many federal student loans to double this year. The problem with that? It’s not actually true. Romney is a supporter of Rep. Paul Ryan’s “marvelous” budget, which would lock in higher student loan interest rates and cut Pell grants. Pass along our other Romney vs. reality video from this week to others and let them see if they can figure out where Mitt Romney stands on this issue:

#4 College affordability
With the average cost of a four-year public college now exceeding $17,000 a year, students are worried about how they’ll pay for higher education. In this post, we show how Romney’s proposals would dismantle the President’s plan to make higher education more affordable for middle-class families. Share it with others and help show the clear choice voters have on this issue:

#5 Romney’s adventures with the truth
If you’re detecting a common theme in these tipsheets, you’re right — Romney’s frequent struggles with telling the truth give us a lot to cover. This week, we wrote a post that chronicles many of Romney’s whoppers, including this one that’s laden with irony: “If I’m President of the United States, with your help, I will tell the truth.” Check out this list, and make sure others see it, too:

#6 Five steps President Obama has taken to protect our environment
Earth Day was this past weekend, which was a good time to note some of steps the President has taken to help protect the environment. Show others the environmental progress we’ve made over the past few years by sharing this post:


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