Worth Repeating: Everyone agrees, GOPers are to blame!

A great Washington Post piece by Thomas Mann of the (left of center) Brookings Institute and Norman Ornstein of the (right of center) American Enterprise Institute explores how Republicans have intentionally thwarted bipartisan agreement and waged a scorched Earth policy against every Democratic President and majority they encountered when they were out of power, and have compromised with no minority when they are in power. This is the strategy, make Americans sick of government to the point that they elect Republicans when they are fed up who then feed the corporate trough until they are kicked out again. Unfortunately the authors provide us with no solutions, but they do admit who the culprit is and urge the MSM to start calling out these extremists for who they are. Objectivity requires agreeing to the same set of facts, when one side recklessly abuses, ignores, or even conceals these facts then its the responsibility of the objective press to report on that. Simply letting both sides have their say is inadequate and as these authors contend, legitimizes the strategy of obstruction and extremism.


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