Post-Convention Canvassing in Springfield

What a great idea. 5,000 conventioneers in a city in which we need to squeeze out every vote. Please go to to sign up!

With the June convention fast approaching, we wanted to share with you an exciting new plan for the day of convention.

As you all know there’s a lot stake in the 2012 elections and we have a lot of work to do to make sure Democrats are victorious up and down the ticket. As we saw with the Coordinated Campaign in 2010, the most effective way to get out our vote is by reaching out to every voter, talking to them directly about our values and the issues that we care about.

That is why this year at the convention we are excited to launch a major door- to-door canvass in the Springfield area.

Sign up to be part of this historic canvass where we will connect with thousands of voters to talk to them directly about how important this election is and why their voice and vote matter. Research and our experience has shown time and time again that the most effective way to gain support for a candidate is to speak with voters directly.

Following the official business of the convention, we will have trainings and materials for delegates on what works and what doesn’t when going door-to-door. Then hundreds of volunteers will stand on the doorsteps of voters in the Springfield area to speak directly to them.

We have a lot of work to do this year, and together we need to start early reaching out to voters, one by one.

Please sign up today to be part of this door-to-door canvass. There will also be opportunities for people to friend/phone bank and sit in on data trainings at the MassMutual Center. Please let us know if this is something you’d like to join.


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