One Okie Defends a Mass. Okie

I can break treaties with myself all the time.

You see, I’m one of many Oklahomans — probably like Elizabeth Warren — who grew up hearing stories of my family’s mixed heritage. My grandfather talked about his Native American roots, and my mother’s lineage stretches back to Francis Scott Key. Yes, that Francis Scott Key.

Native American heritage is no big deal in Oklahoma. Most families that are at least three generations Okie are related to one tribe or another.

It’s just who we are. We all grow up there hearing about which tribe or tribes we belong to and which relatives were in the leadership 100 years ago.

These were the same stories Warren must have grown up hearing. Because this history is so, well, native for us. We take it for granted. That might be why Warren didn’t react quickly when her heritage was questioned during her Massachusetts Senate campaign against Republican Sen. Scott Brown.

Brown would do well to stay away from this. It will probably only take one debate to see how much smarter she is.

If I had to put money on the higher IQ — I’d take the Oklahoman over the guy who probably keeps his pickup shined up in the garage.

It’s a good thing he’s not running in my state. We don’t like it when someone comes after one of our own.


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