Scott Brown vs. Reality

Or, if the truth isn’t working for you, make stuff up because the press won’t catch it … But we did.

progressmass   |   Wed, May 16, 2012 10:49 AM EST

Hilarious, and emblematic of Republicans’ daily struggles with reality. – promoted by david

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Republican Scott Brown has been appropriately criticized for his harmful vote to double the student loan interest rate, making a college education even more expensive at a time when household budgets are already stretched beyond the breaking point.  There have been a lot of negative headlines recently for Brown.  He sure could use a positive headline, especially on the issue of the student loan interest rate.

Whatever could he do?  Well, when in need, just make one up!

If you go to the “In the News” section of his campaign website’s “Scott’s News” tab, you’ll see this:

Wow!  It looks like the Associated Press released an article with the title “US Sen. Brown Said His Bill Would Extend Lower Student Loan Rate Without Hiking Business Taxes.”  That sounds pretty good.  Republican Scott Brown must have a plan to lower the student loan interest rate without angering Grover Norquist by raising revenue.  That must be a heckuva plan.  Is it too good to be true?  Let’s dig a little deeper.  When you click that red “Read More” link, you’ll see this:

Again, we see the alleged headline, “US Sen. Brown Said His Bill Would Extend Lower Student Loan Rate Without Hiking Business Taxes.”  We also see the first couple paragraphs of this story about Brown’s amazing plan to protect low rates without having to compensate with any kind of revenue.  Magic!  But, like most magicians, Republican Scott Brown doesn’t want you looking behind the curtain.  I’m guessing that Brown would rather you not click on the red “here” link because, if you did, you’d see the actual story with the actual headline:

What did Scott Brown say the headline of this Associated Press story was?

US Sen. Brown Said His Bill Would Extend Lower Student Loan Rate Without Hiking Business Taxes

And what is the actual headline?

US Sen. Brown says bill would extend student loan rate; Panel says similar plan falls short

The first half of the headline sounds so promising; but, then, the second half points out that the Brown plan is a big ol’ bust.  So what does Brown do?  Shake that Etch-A-Sketch!  He just fabricates his own glowingly positive headline.  Hey, why not?  If fabricating the news is good enough for Fox News, it’s good enough for Republican Scott Brown.

It doesn’t help Republican Scott Brown’s credibility any that his story summary includes just two paragraphs (the second of which is his own quote), while omitting that enlightening third paragraph, which reads:

But a Congressional Budget Office review of a similar proposal found it would create net savings for the federal government of only several million dollars, far short of the $6 billion needed to avoid a doubling of interest rates on student loans to 6.8 percent on July 1.

In short, Republican Scott Brown’s plan is a sham.  It won’t work.  The numbers don’t come remotely close to adding up.  And the story Brown himself is pushing on his own website as evidence of his effective legislation actually lays out quite explicitly that the scheme doesn’t work.  But Brown sure needed a positive headline after that harmful vote to double the student loan interest rate.  Lucky for Brown, he always has that Etch-A-Sketch handy.


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