Scott Brown isn’t sure whether he’ll vote against Toxins in the Air …

… That’s right. Scotty hasn’t yet decided whether poisons in the air are bad. Seriously, can we stand six more years of Scott Brown?

demeter11   |   Wed, Jun 13, 2012 12:35 PM EST
Count on our Junior Senator to vote against clean air and water, as a matter of keeping faith with the national GOP. (Prove me wrong, Senator.) – promoted by charley-on-the-mta

From National Resources Defense Fund: New standards that will greatly reduce the amount of toxic mercury being spewed by power plants are under attack and The Senate will soon vote on a bill by Senator Inhofe (R-OK) that would repeal mercury standards issued earlier this year by the EPA. The standards also cut other air pollution toxins, e.g. arsenic, lead, cancer-causing dioxins and acid gases.

Power plants are the largest man-made source of mercury, a neurotoxin that poisons children’s developing brains. Reducing this pollution from power plants will each year prevent up to 11,000 premature deaths, nearly 5,000 heart attacks, 130,000 asthma attacks, 5,700 hospital and emergency room visits and 540,000 days when people miss work and school.

From HHS on The prevalence of asthma is higher in Massachusetts than most other states in the US.

So, I called Brown’s office to find out how he will vote on the bill, S.J. Res 37, and the aide told me that he hasn’t issued a statement on it.  I repeated the question about how he plans to vote on it and the aide repeated the answer about no statement but he would be happy to pass my concerns on.

I thought I’d pass them on myself to all of you.


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