BMG: Scott Brown bellyflops on immigration

Scott Brown: still nothing there!

david   |   Sat, Jun 16, 2012 11:15 AM EST

The two best hopes for the Massachusetts Republican party, Scott Brown and Richard Tisei, had a pretty bad day yesterday.

Let’s start with Scott Brown, who – along with just about everyone else – was not expecting President Obama’s dramatic announcement on immigration.  Obama, to his great credit, has announced an executive version of parts of the DREAM Act:

Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children will be allowed to remain in the country without fear of deportation and able to work, under an executive action the Obama administration announced on Friday…. Under the change, the Department of Homeland Security will no longer initiate the deportation of illegal immigrants who came to the United States before age 16, have lived here for at least five years, and are in school, are high school graduates or are military veterans in good standing. The immigrants must also be under 30 and have clean criminal records.

I’ve always thought that it was very hard to argue with the basic principle that we should not punish children for the sins of their parents.  But, predictably, this eminently sensible policy has Republicans frothing at the mouth, including our good friend Scott Brown, who offered the following absurd commentary:

Senator Scott Brown, a Massachusetts Republican running for reelection, said he opposes the change, suggesting it would set off a new wave of illegal immigration. He said he would be open to allowing young people who have chosen military service to obtain citizenship in recognition of their sacrifice. “Rather than sidestepping Congress on this major policy shift, the president should work with us toward a bipartisan, long-term solution,” Brown said.

Uh, Scott?  The president has already tried working with you.  He offered a “bipartisan, long-term solution” – it’s called the DREAM Act.  You voted against it, but three Senate Republicans (Bennett (R-UT), Lugar (R-IN), and Murkowski (R-AK)) voted in favor, giving it 55 “yes” votes against 41 “no” votes – enough to pass easily in any sensible system, but unfortunately not in the US Senate.  Just because you don’t support something doesn’t mean it’s not “bipartisan,” or that it’s not good policy.  Honestly, Scott Brown’s hilariously inflated sense of self-importance and self-righteousness is a true marvel that may end up being one of Massachusetts’s most popular tourist attractions.


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