Elizabeth’s astounding fundraising numbers

david   |   Mon, Jul 9, 2012 10:55 AM EST

The second quarter numbers are in (via email, no link yet), and they’re even better than last time.  Elizabeth Warren is a truly astounding fundraiser.

Warren’s overall take for April through June of this year was a staggering $8.67 million.  That’s about $1.7 million better than last quarter.  Overall (since the beginning of the campaign), Warren reports well over 40,000 donations from inside Massachusetts.  The campaign also reports that June was Warren’s best single fundraising month yet, accounting for $3.1 million.  Perhaps most impressive is this: over half the donations were for $25 or less, and 81% were $50 or less.

The campaign now reports $13.5 million cash-on-hand.  Amazing.

Expect the right-wing smear machine to kick into high gear as a result of this news – oh, and speaking of that, the Phoenix’s David Bernstein has got his hooks into that crowd big-time, to the evident consternation of our friends at RMG.  Don’t miss the articles and the response – they are hilarious.  Also, we anticipate a truly epic level of whining from the Scott Brown campaign once he releases his fundraising numbers.  Be ready.  🙂

A graphic from Team Warren summarizing the numbers is on the flip.


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