Tea Party Republicans Romney and Brown Working to Kill Healthcare

In fact, this will be their 31st vote to kill it. Remember this on election day. Now, a note from John Walsh:

Tomorrow, the Republicans in Washington are holding another vote to try and repeal President Obama’s historic health care law. Instead of spending time on bills to jump start the economy and create jobs, they’re trying to take away health care from our seniors, young adults, and women.

Who’s leading this charge? None other than Scott Brown and Mitt Romney. Both of these Republicans think that ObamaCare should be repealed.

They think seniors should pay more for prescription drugs, that young adults shouldn’t be added to their parents’ insurance plans, and that Massachusetts residents shouldn’t have free access to life-saving preventative care.

They’re two peas in a pod on health care, and we’ve put together a video to prove it.

Take just a moment and watch the video to hear it straight from Brown and Romney. Then tweet it, post it on Facebook, and forward it to your friends. We have to hold Brown and Romney accountable, and tell the truth about health care reform.

John Walsh, Chair, Mass Democratic Party


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