Scotty: A typical Tea Party Republican Hiding behind a Barn Jacket and a Smile

Bob_Neer   |   Wed, Jul 11, 2012 11:48 PM EST

The NYT lays it out in the kind of clear language that moves independent voters:

Actually, it was the Republicans’ relentless opposition to constructive policies that has kept unemployment high, from their resistance to the 2009 stimulus to their blockage of Mr. Obama’s proposed $450 billion jobs bill in late 2011. Federal aid to states was a mainstay of both of those efforts. As the stimulus ended and further aid was delayed and denied, the effect on state budgets — and on jobs — has been catastrophic.

Scott Brown’s record is one of unmitigated economic failure. He hasn’t delivered any jobs himself, and he has repeatedly voted against jobs programs for Massachusetts because they were proposed by a Democratic president.

One can’t get more partisan than that: voting against jobs bills for one’s own home state purely out of partisan spite.

It’s sad, really, because when he was elected Brown had a chance to work with the Democrats and support common sense proposals, or he could have proposed workable new independent-minded bipartisan proposals. Instead he chose to spend his time writing a memoir and siding with Fox, out of state extremists, and trash talking radio Republicans — we are the 13 percent! —  to keep women’s pay down, and limit women’s right to health care coverage. A “Scott Brown Republican,” it turns out, is just a Republican after all.


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