Team Obama Event Update

Wednesday, July 18, we have two phone banks happening, North and South County. We’ll be calling people in New Hampshire, a critically important state for the President’s reelection. Jump in here. We’ll provide training, lists, scripts, and ice tea! It’s a lot of fun to do this together. You don’t need experience, just commitment to victory in November!

For Lee, get details and sign up at

For North Adams, get details and sign up at

If you’d like to learn about the recent Supreme Court decision on Health Care, here’s a recording of a training given last week. Just scroll down and you’ll see the presentation.

Here’s a 3 minute video I highly recommend for everyone to take a look at. Robert Reich was Secretary of Labor under Clinton and a very thoughtful and knowledgeable guy. I’m not usually one who likes the “us versus them” sort of language, but this election is very much about two opposing perspectives, and I think you might find it helpful to take a look. “The story of America is PROgressive, not Regressive.” I find this video helpful when I’m talking to people about what’s at stake in this election.

Last for today, one friend has two activist tickets (value $125 each) for the First Lady’s event at the Colonial on August 3. Her plans changed and she can’t make it. Get in touch with me if you’d like to buy those tickets from her. There are none available at this price any longer. Just remember! If you get these tickets, I’m going to make sure you are activists these next 115 days!!! Email me at


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