Scott Brown Sides with GOP, Votes Against the Middle Class

Brown votes to block tax cuts for 165,000 families across the Commonwealth

BOSTON – Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh issued the following statement after Republican U.S. Senator Scott Brown opposed the Democratic tax plan that would have provided tax cuts to 165,000 families across Massachusetts:

“With his vote, Scott Brown chose once again to stand with his Republican colleagues in Washington instead of middle-class families in Massachusetts,” said Walsh. “He voted against President Obama’s plan that would lower taxes for families with kids in college, and provide hundreds of dollars in tax cuts for 165,000 families.”

The Democratic plan that passed the Senate today extends the tax cuts for all income under $200,000 for individuals and $250,000 for couples, helping 98% of American families and 97% of small businesses. It also extends key tax breaks for 13 million working families including approximately 26 million children. The proposal maintains the $3,000 earnings threshold for the Child Tax Credit, preserves the expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit, and saves the American Opportunity Tax Credit from expiring.

According to a Citizens for Tax Justice Report, 165,143 families in Massachusetts with 299,374 children would save $113.5 million in tax benefits under the Democratic plan – an average of $687 per family over the next year.


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