Who Are These ‘Former’ Dems whom Scotty Keeps Putting in His Ads?

First it was former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn, then former Worcester Mayor Konnie Lukes. Today it’s former Democratic District Attorney of Bristol County Paul Walsh. Who are these people, and why are they ALL “former” something or others? Apparently, there is something these retreads don’t like about being a Democrat. Is it social and economic justice?  Equal pay for equal work?  Or is it that nobody cares what they say any more, and these ads are simply their attempt to get some attention?

Clearly, Brown is desperate here. And clearly the argument he and his band of has-beens make in these ads is ludicrous on its face: The “partisan gridlock” they decry is 100% created and promoted by Tea Party Republicans like Scott Brown.

Let’s not forget Obama was confronted both with a very bad economy and with complete political obstruction — which mattered, by the way, even when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, because of the filibuster. As soon as Obama took office, Scotty’s boss, Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, said his chief goal was to do everything possible to make Obama a one-term president, the country be damned. And Scott Brown signed on. Shame on them, and shame on Scott Brown.


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