Sen. John McCain said on Sunday that Mitt Romney’s selection of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate reminded him of his own game-changing choice in 2008. Choosing Ryan was “a pretty bold choice,” McCain said, just like his pick of Sarah Palin.

And further …

Romney Picked Ryan Over Objections of Staff

Mitt Romney “appears to have picked Paul Ryan as his running mate over the objections of top political advisors, offering a glimpse into the Republican nominee in the most important decision of his campaign,” Ben Smith reports.

“Romney’s aides have stressed publicly in the 24 hours since Romney electrified conservatives with his choice that the pick was the governor’s alone. They have been less forthcoming on the flip side: That much of his staff opposed the choice for the same reason that many pundits considered it unlikely — that Ryan’s appealingly wonky public image and a personality Romney finds copasetic will matter far less than two different budget plans whose details the campaign now effectively owns.”

Said one top Republican: “Everybody was against [Ryan] to start with only Romney for.”

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