An Open Letter from Michael J. Albano, Candidate for Governor’s Council

I seek the office of Governor’s Council believing the position can make a difference in development of public policy through the confirmation process of nominees by the Governor.

In that regard, political philosophy is critical.

Make no mistake, I am a Kennedy liberal and proud of it. My record, is defined by positions taken in my official capacities. All of these positions can be viewed on or

(1) As Mayor of Springfield, I was one of the first elected officials in Massachusetts to publicly endorse marriage equality; and, was the lead litigant in the suit filed against the Attorney General;

(2) I stand in total support of Affirmative Action and created the most diverse workforce in the City of Springfield history, including appointing the first woman Chief of Police and the first liaison to the gay community;

(3) I support a woman’s right to choose and testified before the Legislature to create a buffer zone to reproductive clinics;

(4) I stand adamantly against the death penalty and voted to pardon innocent men (who would have been executed had the law not been overturned)in my work as a Member of the Governor’s Advisory Board of Pardons;

(5) I support a ban on assault weapons and testified on such legislation with former AG Scott Harshbarger.

Thank you,
Michael Albano


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