It’s All About Control of the U.S. Senate

Dear Editor:

Elizabeth Warren, Democrat versus Scott Brown, Republican for the United States Senate.  According to an Associated Press story the following is a direct quote from Ted Tripp of the Merrimack Valley Tea Party:  “The bottom line is that he’s (Brown) a Republican in the Senate”.  “Republicans have to take control of the Senate so we can stop the liberal agenda and roll back the liberal policies that have been put in place over the past few years.”

Want to guess at what some of the policies that are earmarked for extermination?  How about almost all issues that are of concern to women.  To say that the Republicans are waging a war against women is true.  Roe vs. Wade will be the number one issue to be brought before the Supreme Court just as Affirmative Action is again, twenty years after it passed, being determined, again by the Court.

Birth control so that women can control their own fate and that of their family will also become fodder for the Republicans.  By the way Scott  Brown is a Republican, did I note that.

Perhaps Title IX which allows females to participate in school activities by using money previously used only for men’s sports programs.  Women’s sports have mushroomed since schools were forced to finance the women the way it has always been done for the men.  Is this too on the agenda?

We need Elizabeth Warren in the Senate.  We simply cannot allow the United States Senate to be taken over by the Republicans.  All that women have fought for over the years is in danger of being discarded.  Young women may take for granted the liberties that they now have due to those battle but it is wrong to sit back and not vote for their own future.  It is unconscionable that we must fight some of the same battles over again due to the Republic agenda.

Elizabeth Warren is a warrior who will fight the Republicans every step of the way.  Why do you think that so much outside money is being spent in Massachusetts by outsiders and their smarmy ads?  They know she is a threat to their plans for the legislature.  She is my choice and, according to the many households I have canvassed, she is the choice of Western Massachusetts.  Now we need to elect her!

Joyce Wrend, North Adams, MA


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