Obama IDs Romney’s Condition as ‘Romnesia’


One thought on “Obama IDs Romney’s Condition as ‘Romnesia’

  1. Romnesia is not only a mental condition, sometimes contracted from eating too high off the hog, but also a place distant from today’s America. For me,
    “Romnesia” …..elicits the image of a dreamy, mystical and comfortable Shangri-la, affording a tax-free refuge for lotus-eating plutocrats.
    Rather like Alice’s Wonderland, Romnesia is a land where left and right sides of the brain can sincerely profess diametrically different positions, articulating whichever appeals to the immediate audience, Tea Party or mainstream.
    Help is needed. Get your friends and family to wake up and self-deport before it’s too late.

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