South Berkshire County Update. Call for Volunteers!

Here we are…down to the final last days and the last of the opportunities to get Elizabeth elected.  If you didn’t already know, we have an office in Great Barrington, right on Main Street above the Subway shop.  This is now the south county hub to Get Out the Vote activities.  We are holding continuous phone calling and tomorrow and Sunday it will be the meeting place for the last canvass in Great Barrington.  We need lots of people for both.

This is the easiest time to join the campaign if you haven’t yet and one last time to get the job done.  The phone calls are only to remind people to vote and see if they need a ride.  The canvass is the same thing.  Friendly reminders to vote on Tuesday.  So many forget.  Not all are hooked on MSNBC or!

Please email me as fast as possible or Tommie Hutto-Blake, Phone calling Coordinator at or better yet call her right now to get scheduled on 551-208-0215.  If you have a cell phone and laptop, please bring it with you.

This is it!!  Many, many thanks for volunteering for Elizabeth Warren.  It has been a true joy for me to work on this campaign with so many wonderful people.  Let’s finish it with a WIN!

Warm regards,
Sheila Murray, Chair
West Stockbridge Democratic Town Committee
617.331.7255 mobile


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