Life (maybe) Imitates Art

From The American President, a movie starring Michael Douglas as President Andrew Shepherd, written by Aaron Sorkin.

Tomorrow morning the White House is  sending a bill to Congress for its consideration. It’s White House  Resolution 455, an energy bill  requiring a 20 percent reduction of the  emission of fossil fuels over the  next ten years. It is by far the  most aggressive stride ever taken in  the fight to reverse the effects of  global warming. The other piece of  legislation is the crime bill. As of  today it no longer exists. I’m  throwing it out. I’m throwing it out  and writing a law that makes sense.

You cannot address crime prevention  without getting rid of assault  weapons and handguns.  I consider them a threat to national  security, and I will go door to door  if I have to, but I’m gonna convince  Americans that I’m right, and I’m  gonna get the guns. We’ve got  serious problems, and we need serious  men, and if you want to talk about  character, Bob, you’d better come at  me with more than a burning flag and  a membership card. If you want to  talk about character and American  values, fine. Just tell me where and  when, and I’ll show up. This is a  time for serious men, Bob, and your  fifteen minutes are up. My name’s  Andrew Shepherd, and I am the  President.


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