Steering Committee Meeting September 11 with special guest

The monthly Steering Committee meeting will be held on September 11, 2013 at the 55 North St. office at 5:30 pm.

Frank Farkas, Chairman of the BB Labor Issues Committee, has arranged to have Jon Weissman from Jobs with Justice* speak at the meeting.  His group is part of the coalition of Raise up Massachusetts**, (BB has become a member) a campaign to raise the minimum wage and to provide sick time for family workers.  What better time to hear him than during the month that started with the celebration of the American worker.  Do not hesitate to pass this invitation along.  He has an important message and it would be helpful for many in the Berkshires to hear.

As part of Raise up Mass we are part of the campaign to get signatures for the petition to put the issues on the ballot in 2014.  I am coordinating this drive in the Berkshires but of course cannot do something like this alone.  I am asking for a representative from each town to pass out and collect the signature papers and return to me.  They will be available September 16th and need to be into the Secretary of States office by November 20.  This is the same process as getting signatures for candidates running for office to get their names on the ballot.  The big difference is that this is a non-partisan issue so all registered voters can sign.  There are approximately 85,000 registered voters in the Berkshires.  We only need about 5,000 signatures.

*Jobs with Justice is a national network of local coalitions that bring together labor unions, faith groups, community organizations, and student activists to fight for working

 **Raise up Massachusetts is working to ensure that working families are able to earn fair wages and care for themselves and family members when they are sick is essential for Massachusetts workers. When workers and their families can’t afford the basics, they aren’t able to spend money in their communities to keep the economy growing. That’s why Raise Up Massachusetts is fighting to require employers to offer earned sick time and raise the minimum wage.

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